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Welcome to India’s one of the most advanced Kidney Transplant surgical centers at Fortis Hospital, Mohali, headed by Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan. We at Fortis hospital, Mohali transform your entire experience of getting a kidney transplant done into a compassionate, comfortable and caring memory. Fortis Mohali is one of the pioneers in the field of Kidney transplantation in the region;performing Kidney transplants routinely, with results at par with the best transplant centers in the world. Not only in terms of skilled doctors, the center is also one of the finest architectural pursuits for Kidney transplantation in India having best Kidney transplant ICUs and state of the art Operating rooms. Over the past few years our excellent results have attracted patients from within the country and abroad as evidenced by their testimonials present on our website.

We are a team of specialized doctors consisting of trained and experienced Nephrologists, Urologist and Transplant Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, ICU professionals, Transplant Coordinators apart from other paramedical departments.

Apart from conducting routine uncomplicated Kidney transplants (single Renal artery and vein), Dr.Ranjan has done even the most complicated and technically challenging Kidney transplants with brilliant outcomes. Be it Double vessel or Triple vessel or complex vascular anomalies of the kidney like circum-aortic or retro-aortic renal veins, our outcomes have been flawless. Dr. Ranjan, the lead Kidney transplant surgeon, being an urologist is fairly experienced dealing with all kinds of kidney anomalies encountered during transplant as well. We have conducted kidney transplants in difficult clinical situations in which the patients are suffering from various heart problems, are obese with unfavorable anatomy, in diseases like Extrophy of Urinary bladder, Polio and other complex diseases. Our recent list of Kidney transplant recipients includes patients who have undergone double valve replacement with a very low ejection fraction, Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), Congenital heart diseases like Tetrology of Fallot and Ventricular septal defects. Supported by a strong cardiac surgical and anesthesia teams our Kidney Transplant programme has gone upto the next level. Apart from these we are the only center performing Kidney Transplants in children, with thumping success rates, which requires extremely high levels of professional skills apart from the best ICU care. The center is also north India’s premier center to introduce ABO mismatched (Non Blood Group match or Incompatible blood type) Kidney Transplantation in the country.Our Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan has undergone rigorous training at the Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland, USA for conducting ABO Incompatible (Non blood group matching) transplants as well. Dr Ranjan is one of those few transplant surgeons in the country, who is certified from the Johns Hopkins to conduct these incompatible Kidney Transplants.

The Kidney Transplant team comprises of the lead Kidney Transplant Surgeon Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan, primarily a Urologist , who brings in the expertise of two leading teaching hospitals of the country-viz the Sanjay Gandhi PGI, Lucknow and the PGI, Chandigarh. He has been a brilliant surgeon and an outstanding prolific teacher for postgraduates.His academic career is highlighted by research awards and numerous publications in the best Urology and Kidney Transplantation Journals of the world as displayed live on our website. Dr. Ranjan performs Kidney Transplants routinely and has a long list of successful Kidney recipients to testify his presence. Dr Ranjan, being a trained Urologist is capable of handling all kinds of urological problems, which may arise during or after the transplant. He routinely performs Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and uses a very small incision for harvest of the donor kidney, which causes smoother and quicker postoperative recovery of the donor. The Kidney Transplant team is further strengthened by a team of specially trained and experienced transplant anesthesiologists headed by Dr Adarsh Chandra Swamy, who has an experience of more than a decade in kidney transplants in person. He is well supported by lead Kidney transplant anesthesiologist, Dr. Ashwani sharma, an alumni of AIIMS New Delhi, who also has received a special training and fellowship in Transplant anesthesia at UK and Seoul, South Korea.

Ms. Saravjeet Kaur, Physician Assistant to Dr Ranjan, the clinical counselor and coordinator for the kidney transplant, further strengthens the Kidney Transplant team and smoothens your legal and medical procedures before the transplant. She will help you to understand about the procedure of kidney transplantation and the kind of medical tests that will be done for the donor and the recipient. During the workup process she manages all the medical workup and clinical consultations from several interacting departments. If at any stage any other assistance is required or if your lab results are abnormal, she will coordinate your appointments to the concerned doctors including Dr Ranjan. Mr. Satyanarayan is the manager legal records and files for Kidney Transplants, and will help you to get through the file making and legal transplant process further easy for you. Both the legal files and medical workup go side by side to ensure that we can take you up for the kidney transplant in the minimum posible time. For any assistance they are available next to Dr. Ranjan’s office from 9am to 5 pm.

No Transplant programme can run smoothly without the help of a brilliant Dilaysis unit. Our dialysis unit is one of the best equipped with finest machines for conducting dialysis. Dr. Rupinder Kaur is the doctor incharge for the dialysis unit and has been successfully conducting the dialysis over the past couple of years. She is one of the most vigilant, vibrant and knowledgeable doctors of our team. Supporting Dr Rupinder Mr. Rajesh Kumar is one of the qualified and highly skilled dialysis technicians and is the incharge of the dialysis unit. He has an outstanding expertise in dialysis, which is well evidenced by our patients’ appreciation for him.

Once in the operating room we are again a step ahead of the rest. The two brilliantly designed operating rooms are state of the art operating rooms for kidney Transplant surgery. We use a high definition camera unit for our laparoscopic harvest of the kidney. The kidney Transplant Scrub team is a very well organized team lead by Ms Seema David, who is the OT incharge scrub nurse for the kidney transplants. She is also well trained in urology and thus is well aware of numerous other surgical operations done on the kidney and is thus the greatest asset of our team. Ms Shilpa along with Ms Kuljeet, Ms Simran, Mr Dharmender and Mr Vikas are the scrub nurses in the donor operating rooms and are brilliant performers. Ms Shilpa and Simran are the Kidney perfusion nurses who assist in the perfusion of the kidney after the harvest. Ms Shikha, and Ms Rajwinder are the scrub nurses on the recipient side along with Ms Seema David who make the recipient surgery possible without any difficulty.

Once the transplant is done the patients are received in one of the best intensive care units of north India. The transplant ICU comprises of fully equipped individual rooms with facilities for maintaining positive pressure in the rooms and having HEPA filters which can even filter upto 0.03 microns with an efficiency of 99.9%. Both these modules bring down the post transplant infection rates to less than 1%. To make your stay as comfortable as ever, each ICU room has a private washroom, Telephone and LCD TV. The beds are of the international standards and the monitors are the most sensitive and effective ones. The nursing staff is highly trained in the ICUs and one of the best of its class.

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